Back to Green

A premium beauty and wellbeing product range distributed by Planet Barley Sdn. Bhd. exclusively for spa and beauty salons

Planet Barley Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1983 by founder Dr. W.L. Tan, a research pharmacist with a mission to promote beauty, health and wellness through effective, environmentally-friendly alternatives to mass-produced, synthetic products. Since its inception, the focus has always been on the known health & beauty therapeutic values of botanicals and functional foods, particularly the organically grown young green barley grass, which is widely known to nutritionists as the nature’s miracle rejuvenator. 

Since natural substances are derived from the environment, it is environmentally friendly! With  Quality, Safety and Efficacy as top priority, Back to Green range was developed utilising the unique synergy of natural vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that interact and work together to deliver visible results without undesired side effects.

We strongly believe that beauty can be created. Although aging cannot be stopped in its tracks, with the right nutrition, proper skin care regime and healthy lifestyle, it can be delayed!

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